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Re: What (natural) choices/options do I have with a hospital birth?

Originally Posted by MyKzooFamily View Post
Do you just call a peds office and ask for an appointment? How would this work? I have never done this before, because with DS we just kept whatever pediatrician came in at the hospital to see us when I delivered.
Do you have a pediatrician? If so, I would just call the office and talk with the doctor or nurse (I would avoid the MA if possible) and explain that you are having a baby and would like to have them perform all of the newborn exams/screenings. Ask them their procedure for scheduling this type of appointment.

If you don't have a pediatrician, I would ask friends for recommendations and see if you can find a couple who are on your insurance, have openings for new patients and are recommended by people you know and trust. Then, I would call the offices and set up a meet and greet and see if you can find one who you believe would fit your needs.
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