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Each rep has her own style. When I was one, I rented an office space from a midwife and did consultations there. I kept some inventory. Even if she doesn't have what you want in stock, she has samples in her showbox and anything she orders from the home office comes in quickly. If the home office is out, it takes a little longer, but not too much, and the home office is very accommodating and willing to get the manufacturer to drop ship to the client.

The typical eLeMeNO-Pee client is someone who doesn't want to do her own research, who wants to go see and feel and try on her baby, and then wants someone to guide her in choosing a stash, who can provide a nighttime solution and advise on how many diapers and accessories are necessary, etc. Once you buy a stash (a minimum purchase of $99 qualifies as a "stash sale") from a rep, you get free advice/troubleshooting for life. I even let clients come over and strip their diapers in my washer when they were fighting a mildew problem in their HE washer (which they replaced ASAP).

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