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Re: What (natural) choices/options do I have with a hospital birth?

Originally Posted by Minniebees View Post
Jennifer, there are disorders the newborn screen tests for that would require the use of special formula. I would have to do some research to find out which one(s), but I remember dh took care of one baby once whose newborn screen came back positive for something or other, and they had to use a rare prescription formula. The insurance covered it, but he had to find it, and I remember he was frustrated about that, but he really needed to find it to get the insurance stuff in line so Tricare would pay for it. It was super expensive. It's rare, but happens, and thankfully there is a screening test for it.
I'm sorry if I wasn't clear. My comment was related to the pp who said that it's better to wait 1-2 weeks to do the PKU test. Whether a mom's breastmilk is in has nothing to do with the PKU test. If baby doesn't have the necessary enzyme, they don't have it. Colostrum, breastmilk or formula won't change that inborn deficiency. If baby has PKU it is imperative to find out asap so that they can receive a diet that won't cause them to have brain damage. There are definitely special formulas that baby could take that would prevent permanent mental retardation and waiting a couple of weeks to get tested means a few weeks without the proper diet while permanent damage is taking place.

Unfortunately, there are websites out there spouting misinformation and leaving the impression that the heel stick used in the NBS test is the equivalent of torture. I know not everyone feels the same way I do, but I would much prefer my 24 hour old baby have a couple of minutes of discomfort to make sure that he doesn't wind up with brain damage or dead due to a treatable inborn error in metabolism.
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