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Re: Sooo Hungry, All the Time!!

I knew you guys would have some great ideas. Making a list of all these things...thanks mamas!!

(This totally makes me feel for the kiddo with allergies- must be super hungry all the time!! Poor kid.)

I do keep some food in the staff room, but can't always escape down there when I need a snack (for example, our morning "snack break" when we all take 5 minutes--kids included--to eat something), so I need stuff to keep in the room, too.

Originally Posted by aept View Post
Gosh it is hard to get protein without nuts, dairy or eggs. No wonder you're starving!
Dates and sunbutter (it is nut-allergy safe) or just plain sunflower seeds come to mind.
Do you have a bread machine? If so there are some recipes out there for whole grain bread that is dairy free. Then you could have sunbutter and banana sandwiches. Yum. (Or find dairy and egg free bread at the store.)
I think "wholly guacamole" comes in small stay-fresh packs. That would give you some great healthy fats and tortilla chips should doable as an accompaniment.
Maybe some sort of quinoa and bean salad, or tabbouleh, those might be yummy and filling.
How about veggies or chips to dip in hummus? Unless the student allergic to sesame - because hummus does usually have sesame tahini.

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We don't have a bread machine, but now that I think of it, my parents have one that they haven't used in forever...maybe they want to share. Because I totally want those sandwiches now!!
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