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Re: DH has concerns

I think the risk is certainly there given the circumstances of many of the kids that are in the foster care system - but that is not to say that every child would victimize your girls in some way - I'm certainly not stereotyping here. That being said, there is a risk and I think you are only being responsible parents to consider that and discuss it at length. I would say it is a case by case basis and that if either of you have any inkling of discomfort about a certain possible placement then you need to be free to say no. If your spouse (or you) says no, then that should be respected and you can wait for the next possible placement. As long as you agree to your "terms" (whatever those may be) ahead of time and honor them when the time comes I think it could work for you. While you may want to set age/sex limits for placements you will take now due to the age of your children, you can always open that up for change later on once your children grow and head into teen/adulthood (if you foster that long).
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