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Re: so far so good!

I am very suprised as to how good I feel most of the time. I listen to my body (usually says, don't eat that or I will make you sick) and I have bouts of very mild nausea now in the evenings. I am SUPER tired and I am a little suprised how I don't feel pregnant at all. My first pregnancy was the WORST because I had extreme everything. Nausea, fatigue, mood swings, break outs, you name it. DD it was a breeze compaired to the first but I found myself puking randomly with no warning or nausea. I think there was a week where I was very sick and that was it. This one, not making a peep so far other than fatigue. Granted I am only 4 weeks and 4days but I am waiting on the hormones to slap me. I found myself pretty upbeat considering what is going on (its a good thing I stay this way) and I am not so snippy with DH. I have noticed though I look pregnant and everyone who hasn't seen me since December is suprised to see how much I am showing for no reason. I chalk it up to bloating and I have said it over and over but for some reason people want to say I am having twin boys. I believe it would be a total miricle if we wound up with twins, and both being boys at that because DH has a Y chromosone dificency. LOL!!!

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