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Re: To Homeschool or not Homeschool with Asperger Syndrome

I have always wanted to homeschool since I was pregnant with my ds (9 years old) and getting a diagnosis of PDD-NOS/OCD-anxiety and sensory issues at 3 just cemented my decision.

He gets plenty of social interaction from friends, cousins, family and community activities and co-op. I know that putting him in a school situation where it is overcrowded and overstimulating (which I know our local school to be) would be too much for him. I truly believe these kiddos deal better with quality friendships and social interactions and not quantity.

I also feel that he can get a top notch education with me providing one on one time and by having the ability to change things that are not working. As his mother/teacher I can change things immediately to help him---no going through an IEP process and having to convince so many different people that he has a unique need that wastes time. It's not working---it's changed. Period.
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