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Re: Starting to hit himself in the head

Search me. My ds has been doing this since before we got a diagnosis. He scratches his face, smacks his head on things until he gets horrible bruises, hits himself when frustrated, slams his body in to things, and more recently has been trying to kill himself (in innocuous 6 year old ways, and yes, health professionals are aware). Sensory made it worse. It didn't get better once he was able to talk. We went through a phase where all we could do was restrain him because he was such a danger to himself and others. Thankfully its been a while since we have had to do that, and as an AP mommy, that was HARD. But what are you going to do? I have to keep him and his sisters safe. It's better now.

We did teach him "quiet hands" through millions of repetitions, and that sometimes gets him to stop for a bit. It's kind of programmed now, when he hears quiet hands he puts his hand to his sides. Also, sometimes very loud noises will startle himself out of what's going on so we can reach him. He gets in these modes where he seems to completely lose control and he is not aware of anything around him. If you can get to him, and get him to stop, then sometimes you can break the cycle. And sometimes you just have to let it go...
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