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Originally Posted by Minniebees
My son just has these tantrums where he just gets completely unresponsive and goes absolutely nucking futs. I got a call from the principle and an "incident" report at school Friday because he had a 3 hour tantrum and threw his desk over and almost hurt a kid. Generally, he's very sweet and kind and gentle, and very well behaved (if extremely immature), but he goes crazy every now and then, and you really cannot do anything to get him to stop, you just have to wait. His specialists are concerned that he has a serious mental illness, because most of the time he's "ok" but then he just loses it and talks in weird voices and does stuff that is kind of shocking. I've never found anything to be effective, except, sometimes, super loud noises. But he habituates really fast, so aside from a bullhorn nothing works for long. Never tried the bullhorn, BTW. That would look really bizarre and I think my other kids would end up with PTSD, LOL.
Off topic but the dollar store sells mini air horns and they are LOUD!
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