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Re: New to cloth diapering - what am I missing?

Originally Posted by babynumber2iscoming View Post
My last go-round, we used a diaper service (just prefolds, snappis, and covers), and with baby #2 I'm going to make the switch to buying and washing the diapers on my own. Our budget is pretty low, though fortunately, I've been the recipient of a gift of some pre-used diapers and covers to get us started (see list below.)

- For all of you experienced cloth-diapering mamas out there, my first question is, what is missing?
- Should I buy some prefolds (a dozen, maybe?) and snappis to round out the list?
- Also, I'm a bit hazy about sizes. If I have a baby in the 7-8lb range (like my firstborn), will the size smalls get me through the first 6 months or should I pick up a few mediums or one-size's?

SMALL All-in-One Cloth Diapers:
6 Bum Genius (aplix)
6 Thirsties (aplix)
2 Dream-Eze (snaps)

SMALL fitted Cloth Diapers (require a waterproof cover):
2 Bamboozle bamboo (snaps)
2 Kissaluvs organic hemp/cotton (snaps)
2 Dream-Eze cotton (snaps)

Waterproof covers:
2 XS Thirsties
3 S Thirsties
3 S Bummis

So, what's missing? We're trying not to spend much money at this time, and want to have a simple, practical stash to get us through the first 6 months. Looking forward to your feedback!
Thanks for all of the great feedback. Based upon what I'm hearing, I think I'm going to need to do some shopping!

Thinking back about my little girl, she did chunk up pretty fast (up around the 95th percentile just from bf), so my next baby will probably also grow quickly out of the size smalls. I'm a little worried about this, since I don't have that much room left in my suitcase and online shopping in Chile isn't quite the same as in the US (to say the least!) I guess I'll need to take the cute baby clothes out of my suitcase and replace them with diapers, since I'm not planning another trip to the US until baby is 6 months old or so.

I'm trying to figure out the cheapest and smallest-volume approach, so am thinking that I should buy - help me out here mamas -
- 1 more xs diaper cover
- 18 prefolds, so I can use them for nb through at least the 1st yr.
- 3 Medium or os all in one's
- 3 Medium or os fitteds
- 6 Medium or os covers
- 2 hanging diaper bags (one Planet Wise hanging large wet/dry, one Rumparooz)
- 24 wipes (thanks for the LittleBoppers tip, the wipes are adorable!)
- a bottle of solution for use with the wipes (CA Baby or Dr. Bronners?)

Looking forward to your thoughts. If there is anything on this list I don't need, please let me know!
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