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Re: Paternity Leave in Canada

Originally Posted by NikiG View Post
Quebec also has a Preventative Leave plan (which I've been on since 18 weeks). They pay 90% of your salary if you need to be off work because your job is detrimental to your health pregnancy wise. I was on my feet 8 hours a day and having back problems, so I'm off until my mat leave starts (36 weeks). Then I get 50 weeks and DH gets 5. He'll be taking more time off, but financially it made more sense for me to take the maternal and parental leave. They also have a program if you're breastfeeding, but I'm not sure how it works. And you get a baby bonus. My friend gets 600$/month for her two kids. Quebec is awesome for parents. Also some municipalities offer money to parents who cloth diaper!
That does sound awesome, but moms in other provinces aren't high and dry either. There is federal sickness leave which a doctor can sign you off onto if necessary to extend your maternity leave into your pregnancy if your job would put baby at risk or your pregnancy is high risk and you need to go on bedrest or something. It's not quite as nice as the quebec plan, but I know about it since my sister in law works a very physical job, and she had to go off at 5 months with both her pregnancies. It pays out at the standard EI rate. If I remember right, it can add up to 22 weeks to your maternity leave.

Baby bonus is also federal. I got up until this year almost $500 between it, the UCCB and some low income credits and I have one child. That's likely to change significantly since our income has gone up, but it's not going to be calculated based on 2011 until after the June payment. By then I'll also have another child, so we'll see.
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