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Possibly moving to Alberta

So we have decided that we need to increase our income and jobs around here are hard to get & good paying ones even harder. We have been talking about possibly moving to Alberta as there are lots of jobs out there. We just e-mailed a company for some more info, it's a job offer for the oil & gas industry, My DP is a hard worker and doesn't mind the weather (he wants to work for his money) currently he works as a butcher.

Here is the add

So if we do move I would like some info (the good, the bad & the ugly) cost of living, schools (DS is 3 and will be going to school soon), playgroups, activities for kids, doctors, do you have to pay for water, etc...

Also what are the jobs like in the oil & gas industry (what do they do), do they supply housing or do you have to rent, etc...
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