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Re: Weekly Chat: 2/6- 2/12

Originally Posted by GooseBella View Post
Hang in the Mama! FX for you.

AFM: My first appointment was supposed to be February 17th but because of my weekend, overnight visit to the hospital I had to move it up. So now my first apointment is Wednesday February 8th for testing. They will be testing thyriod levels, looking for a molar or multiple prenancy and trying to determine if its just hyperemesis. FX I feel ok today, a little nasueas but not feeling the need to vomit. Praying it stays that way. I can handle nasuea, its the vommiting that gets me. I hope eveyrone had a great weekend.
I'm really glad you are feeling better. There are few things in this world I hate more than being nauseous. I'm anxious to hear what your Dr. says.

Originally Posted by kymdenise View Post
Tara: I hope you feel better soon, and don't have to deal with HE.. I'm saying a prayer for you.

Alice: I agree.. we are a nervous bunch.

I can't wait for belly pics and fluffy chat and all those wonderful things. I can't WAIT for feeling those flutters and bumps.

Today I have to clean. my. house. It is not good. At all. If I do a good job I might start cruising the fluff section of the board, or just work on finishing up these longies
Yes! I have a friend who is due Sep 1st and just posted a pic to her FB of her cute little baby bump. Gah! She looks sooo stinking adorable!! I can't wait until that is us! Right now I just have an unattractive bloat going on. Lol!
IMO, we can start the fluffy chat at anytime. I bought two pairs of longies off spots last week

Originally Posted by ambie719 View Post
Alice, I'm sure the spotting was totally normal and everything is fine now.

I'm a little concerned this morning girls. I'm 6 weeks (28dpo) and my test this morning was nowhere near as dark as my tests from 20 & 22dpo. So now I'm worried that this will be another m/c. Hopefully I hear from the hospital soon with a date for my u/s.
I think at this point it's not as accurate. In the beginning generally HCGs doubles really quickly, but as the numbers climb higher it slows and eventually declines a bit (at least I'm fairly certain) My tests have looked almost the exact same for days now. PLUS, the tests only have so much dye in them. ((hugs))

Originally Posted by Terra76 View Post
Alice, I am glad you are feeling a bit more positive! I think it was probably just normal early PG pain in the butt spotting

Goosebella, I am glad you are feeling better. Hope all is well with your bean or beans do twins run in your family?

Kymdenise, I am so with you!! I can't wait for the flutters and thuds I have already been peaking in at the fluff I bought some newbie GN yarn too.

Ambie719, is it possible that you just got a sucky test? Maybe it just didn't have as much dye content or your urine was more diluted than usual

AFM, Sorry to use mostly screen names. I'm sure i will figure out who everyone is eventually

I was really stressing over the darkness of my tests. My FRER where obvious positives but not getting any darker. My wandfo where all super light and not getting any darker. This morning, my FRER looks like the last 2 but my Wandfo is way darker I feel more comfortable now. I am so happy to have some cramping. I know that sounds silly but i cramped with my first 3 healthy pregnancies so i was concerned that i wasn't so much this time. AF is due today or tomorrow so I will be super happy come Wednesday if she is still MIA.
The more experience I have with FRERs the less I like them. I know everyone just LOVES them... but the pink handled Wondfos are so sooo much better it's not even funny!

Originally Posted by corey0902 View Post
Alice - I'm glad the spotting has stopped. I hope you get the answers your looking for with the Doc.

Tara - It seems the IV fluids helped with your morning sickness/hyperemesis. I hope it doesn't continue for very long. I've been blessed with easy pregnancies and couldn't imagine feeling constantly sick.

So we broke down and told my dad about expecting baby #4 (since he watches my kids the weekends I work) and I didn't get the reaction I expected. I spent the night crying myself to sleep. I'm not looking forward to telling anyone else so I think we'll just wait until they ask. I think dh and I figured our schedules out so no one has to watch them expect for every 3rd Saturday for like 6 hours or so. We plan to hire a babysitter so family can't say anything. So the quest starts for someone who is competent/capable to watch 4 kids ages 5 and under. Luckily we have almost a year to figure it out and try some out!
((Hugs)) So sorry about your dad. We got similar reactions when we told family we were pregnant with my first angel baby. And I still get "the population" talk from my G-pa all the time. Sigh. I find it hilarious coming from a raging Republican who doesn't believe in eating organic and does only the very very bare minimum of recycling... Lol! OKay, I'm off on a tangent now...In the end when your baby is here things will be different. Sometimes parents worry for us- but who can help falling in love with a squishy newbie?

AFM, not much is going on. My boobs hurt like hell, which is a new symptom for me. Still dealing with that stupid yeast infection Though, it's barely noticeable at this point. Bloated, tired, and while I'm not nauseous at this point, my stomach is really sensitive to smells. I wish my MS would just kick in full effect so I could quit worrying about this bean.

Has anyone heard from apo_katie?? She was having some spotting too and I'm just hoping things are okay for her....
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