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Re: Weekly Chat: 2/6- 2/12

Good to know Jenny. I guess it's just one more thing to worry about. I never imagined pregnancy was going to be so nerve-wracking :/ I thought the hard things about pregnancy would be feeling sick and being uncomfortable. Which I'm sure happens too but I wasn't expecting how fearful it has made me. I can't even pee without my blood pressure shooting through the roof. Hhahha. Dh is going to stage an intervention if I don't get it together. Anyway, I hope your husband feels better soon and stops moaning!!!

And apo_katie... glad to hear your spotting stopped too!

And random thought... so far our group is half team green/ half finding out. That kind of surprises me... I thought team green was kinda unusual. And it is in real life... but apparently not here!
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