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Re: Utah mamas know any good midwives?

Originally Posted by mama.mayme View Post
Who do you have on your list so far? Unfortunately, we don't have as many options up in the Northern part of Utah. I am in Ogden and went through this same thing with my last 2 births. I also saw your post over on the Utah thread that you said Logan area. What type of midwife do you like? Are you particular to wanting a CPM, or someone licensed, or do you not care? Are you someone that wants a lot of support, or would you rather the midwife be hands off and sit off in another room? From my area there is Chris Miller and Heather Johnston that I know for sure travel to Logan for births. Anne Pico (I think that's her name) is a CPM in Smithfield. And there is another woman I believe just over the border into Idaho, but i would have to look up her name. There are also a couple other up and coming midwives a bit further south but I'm not sure they will travel that far north.
Hi, thank you for replying.

This will be my first home birth and first time with a midwife (though both my other labors were natural because I did my own thing at my home until I was ready and both time just showed up at hospital when I was a 10 and feeling the urge to push, lol). So I dont know much about midwives besides reading Ina May Gaskin and etc - ...but I am the type of person who doesnt like to be really touched or talked to much during labor because I tend to get REALLY quiet and onery when Im in pain and find it easier to be nice when people are there but not all over 'babying' me... if that makes sense. ...I DO know that: I have 'silent labor' and REALLY fast labors (both my others were 30-45 minutes total from knowing Im in labor to baby being born), andI think Id really like to have a water birth.

The only real thing is she cant be someone SUPER crunchy/hippie (like you see in movies and etc) because thats part of why my husband is dragging his feet a little still

So far I actually only have both Chris Miller and Heather Johnston on my list because Ive heard such great things (especially about Christine) and know friends in the Ogden area who have liked them. I havent heard of Anne though. ...Who did/do you use?
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