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Re: Utah mamas know any good midwives?

Originally Posted by mama.mayme View Post
Well then, you sound just like me, LOL! Silent eary labor, super fast active labor, and wanting to be left entirely alone. Because of that you may want to consider that Heather and Chris may not make it there in time (are you in Logan?) since they both are a good 45-60 minutes away and that's IF they are in Ogden/Layton. They both do a good number of births in SLC too, so if they are in SLC that is even more time to get there. Given your history, I guess you would need to decide how comfortable you are possibly giving birth unassisted with the mw or backup or assistant showing up soon after. For me personally, this is my kind of setup and how I have preferred it. If you are adamant that someone is there then you may want to go with a mw who is closer in distance to you and/or less busy. Let me see if I can look up the info for Anne Pico.

What insurance do you have? Obviously not Select Health, LOL! It *is* possible to have them reimburse some of your midwife cost (I have done it), but if you even mention homebirth they say 'no'. If your insurance does cover homebirth then you will need to find out if they require the midwife be licensed or certified. Both Anne Pico and Heather Johnston are, Chris is not. As far as I know, none will bill insurance for you, but you can very easily submit your own claims, the midwife just needs to provide you with the form.

We really should talk Sounds like we have a lot in common. In fact, I just looked at your ISO list and I might have some CD stuff in the next month you are looking for. I just had my 6th 2 weeks ago (and he was MUCH bigger than my others were) so he is quickly growing out of the xs and nb stuff. Plus, I am selling off all my girly diaper stuff since this one is likely our last baby. Wish I had the doula books you are looking for, but I am ISO them, too Do you know about the different natural birth groups around? There is one that meets at Chris' birth center (they cater more to doulas though), and I believe there is one that meets in Logan or Smithfield too. I'll have to round up all the links for you
Thats kinda what I was thinking about Heather & Chris too. Im sure we'd be ok unassisted, but Id like someone there who's an expert 'just in case'. I actually found another lady today, Lana (didnt catch her last name though), who used to have a birthing center here in my little town but has since moved a little north into Smithfield (which isnt very far away). Ive already set up appointments with Chris and a couple others for tomorrow and throughout this week, but so far just in talking on the phone and not having met them yet, Lana is winning! (lol) We talked a long time, she was SUPER helpful and chatty and wanted to know all about me, what I liked/didnt in labor, my family, etc and I just really felt comfortable with her personality-wise so far. We meet her Sat. ...Plus I like that she's extra close for driving time, lol. She also offers classes and etc for free too.

Did/have you had a water birth? Im thinking Id like to try that or at least have one here just in case...?

As for insurance, we have Blue Cross Blue Shield. I called today and was passed around to a few different service reps. All were very nice about the home birth idea, and the lady I spent the most time with at the end said yes they'd cover it just fine (normal deductible and etc but otherwise covered) ...but then talking to my friend (who had Chris Miller though, so maybe certification like you mentioned was a factor in her case?) has the same insurance and they wouldnt pay for hers. Im hoping we can make it work and figure something else out because right now money is something that would have to be a big deciding factor and I REALLY want a freakin home birth!!! lol

Im all for talking sometime! Im kinda the 'odd duck' it seems with this kind of stuff, and dont really have any supportive friends and family with this kind of stuff (even just nursing and cloth diapers have been HUGE arguments with my inlaws and etc!) so its nice to hear other people's stories, opinions, lol, and of course to have someone to pester with questions! ...And Id love to work out some trades too! I swear Im "nesting" super early with this one or something! For some reason I want to be all prepared and have everything on my list asap ....when in reality Im only like halfway through pregnancy right now! Hubby probably thinks Im nuts!

I know nothing about the natural birth groups, that would be awesome, thanks! I was thinking about trying going to an LLL meeting or 2 but am kinda chicken to go by myself...especially when Im interested in it and love nursing, but dont really feel I 'need help' in that area. (though Im sure Id still learn a lot)... but yeah, if you find that info Id love to get it from you!
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