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Originally Posted by catilina
Ghee is really expensive to buy, but can also be really expensive to make, since you are basically taking high-quality butter (grass-fed ideally) and reducing it... If you are dairy-sensitive, it is definitely worth it. Otherwise, you can likely use butter or coconut oil in most of the recipes if you don't want to spend the money on ghee, and save the ghee for times when the flavor difference will really be noticeable (I make ghee and we like it spread on bread or in Indian cooking, but most of my foods I make with either butter or coconut oil. I save the ghee!).
Thank you for this explanation! No dairy sensitivities in our family, so this will go a long way in our budget as I try to switch us over to a more NT diet. We buy "regular" butter now as it is... and even then I watch for sales for when it goes down to 2.99 (or 2.25 if my mother is making a trip to BJ's). I can't imagine paying the price for the pastured stuff at our local health food store. Maybe someday. I have started doing some cooking with coconut oil, too, but I've found that some things (like omelettes) just taste waaay better with butter.

I did, however, like the flavor that the coconut oil imparted when I used it to saute some spinach, garlic, and onion. A-YUM.

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