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Re: Possibly moving to Alberta

alllright so. usually men are out at camps for several weeks, then get a chance to come back. if it is in fort mac, there is next to no place to live, and rent is STUPID high. (also combined with even less places to live, due to an apt fire) depending on the company, they might be willing to move you out here, but you will need a place to live. rent in edmonton is not too bad, nor is it not too bad in grande prairie either.

edmonton you have a crazy ton access to lots of stuff. there is good medicenters around here, some of those docs even take on regular patients. lots of things to do here, lots of schools to choose from. bus routes sometimes leave a little to the imagination as to how to get around, unless you drive, then your good. there is a huge amount of parks in this city, and lots of trails to take int he river valley if that is your thing.

Grande prairie there is lots of things to do, a few schools to choose from. getting a pediatrician is impossible. general doc is almost as difficult. there are a few that take walk ins though. bus routes are slowly getting better. but if you drive, not a issue there. muskoseepi park is a wonderful place to go any time of year (nature walk around the reservoir is awesome and i miss it)

if your going to be living in a small apartment, sometimes your water and heat are included in your rent. if not, it can get pricing in winter, but averages out in the summer. i'll have to find our paper bills to see exactly what we pay. but we are in a 4 bdrm townhouse and have 3 adults and 2 children who all take daily showers.

those are the places i have lived. smaller towns have some better healthcare and less wait times then bigger cities. so i would inquire with the company if he gets it as to where they need him and inquire with cities from there.
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