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Re: Mabu baby-have you used it?

I've had a pair since October. So...four months now? They've held up well, but it's a short time. They actually have held up better than the last pack of gDiapers I bought. The only reason I haven't bough more is they just seem so pricey. I have bought some more of their liners. I really like them, and they fit in the corresponding size gDiaper.

Strangely, my padfolded Gerbers don't seem to work too well as an alternate liner for them. They work well for added absorbency overnight, but I don't get good results using them alone. So it may be that they whole usefulness of the diaper hinges very strongly upon the insert. YMMV, though. The hook-and-loop tape has held up well. I'm not sure what it is. It is soft. It doesn't seem to catch lint like my covers do.
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