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Re: Starting to hit himself in the head

DD doesn't do the hitting thing but she does bite herself, usually her hands. This blows my mind, because she bites herself so hard she bleeds. I would think that the pain of hurting yourself would stop the behavior, but clearly in cases like this it does not. We are working on redirecting the biting issue--she bites all the time, but only bites herself when she is upset. She is getting better about using super chews when she is not upset if you give her frequent reminders, but she does not really hear or see things when she is upset and cannot be redirected. I'm hoping though if we get her in the habit of using the super chews all the time maybe eventually she will switch over to them automatically when she is upset. Maybe this is wishful thinking! I don't really have advice to offer, just a friendly ear and best wishes. I know that it is frustrating and hard and sometimes lonely road and wanted to let you know that you're not alone. Good luck! We have also recently added a OT to my daughter's line-up, so I'm hoping that she will have some good ideas to help correct the problem.
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