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Re: Short and sweet!!

Nursing to sleep is wonderful.

I say do it as long as you can! I've been nursing my LO to sleep since he was born and now that he is 13.5 months old, he is starting to not fall asleep. The first time this happened I was surprised and didn't know what to do so I just carried him to his crib and put him down. He looked up at me and I said "shh... shh...." and he laid his little head down and went to sleep. Now I just nurse him as long as he wants and then he unlatches and I carry him to his crib and lay him down. He puts himself to sleep. I didn't do any "sleep training" and I could never do CIO. This was just a natural progression like everything else. He has also recently started sleeping longer between feedings at night, now going about 7 hours for the first stretch. I didn't *do* anything to make him do this... he just started sleeping longer stretches when he was ready.

I agree with a pp that babies need what they need. Each phase is just that; a phase. It doesn't last forever and I try to just enjoy the moment because they are babies for only a moment.
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