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Our First Diaper Chat!!!!!

Ok, I know its early to start talking diapers.....WAY early. BUT, I'd really like to sew a NB where I can make a notch out for the cord. We have a huge supply of cloth, all pockets, since we were diapering 2 kiddos at once for a short time. BUT, they're all big pockets and I didn't put them on Kian (our first exclusively cloth diapered kid) until his cord stump fell off. I'd really like this next one to be in cloth straight from the belly. Plus, sewing is my therapy and I imagine sewing TINY fluff will be very theraputic. Anyone with experience? I was liking the looks of Rita's Rump Pockets. I want to keep it simple and use a snappie. What fabric will I need to use on the outer layer for a snappie to work well? I think I could make a notch out in those easily, or just fold it down a bit. I was going to give one a shot and have my friend who is one week overdue test it out when her newbie comes. Suggestions? Links? Experience?

P.S. I'm up way too late, and am not tired. ugh.........
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