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Re: Short and sweet!!

Did you know that there is a physiological reason why breastfeeding naturally puts a baby to sleep? There is a hormone called Relaxin that is released in the Mother & Baby when Baby nurses and just like it sounds, it causes both to *relax* and become drowsy. Other hormones such as Prolactin and Oxytocin also have this effect. (Ever notice how right after making love you feel relaxed and want to just lay in bed or even fall asleep? ) Why would something that was created so perfectly and naturally, such as this, be "bad"???

All my life I have never been good at taking naps. Its hard for me to fall asleep, especially during the day time. I remember people telling me to "nap when baby naps" to help with fatigue from frequent wakings during the night. I thought "yeah right... I can't take naps! This is gonna just be rough but we'll get through it." Then baby came and the first time he nursed right after birth we both got drowsy and he fell asleep on my chest. I watched him sleeping soundly, looking so peaceful.... moments later, I had fallen alseep, too. For the next four months, I was able to nap at least once during the day with my baby after he had nursed. It was a miracle and a blessing. I felt rested and wonderful. The first four months was the most restful time for me and I am grateful for the gift of being able to nurse my baby (and myself ) to sleep!
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