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Re: ww told to quit playing the disability card!

I'm sorry that you experienced this. Yes, some people are hateful. But I bet most people, just truely don't understand something that have not personally experienced. This is a small example of something that I've come to realize in my own life. When my first son was born, he had no problems at all, I was chatting it up with other moms online and wondering why they were experimenting with different formulas, saying their children were allergic, I thought no way, they just need to give their kid what the dr. says and that's that. But then when my 2nd son was born and ended up having some skin issues, I started to wonder if it could be food related. I am now looking into cutting dairy from his diet to see if it helps. And only now do I see why these other moms were comparing coconut/almond/rice/goat's milk....they weren't just trying to be different, get attention, or crazy. They were just trying to do what was best for their children. It's hard to understand things we don't see/do/feel/hear. It's much easier to just be happy that we (or our kids) are "normal" and don't have to deal with anything out of the ordinary. Only when you have a kid that does have special needs, do you truely understand. Just my two cents
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