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Re: Our First Diaper Chat!!!!!

I started cloth diapering my oldest at 5 months and was using gdiapers and the prefolds my MIL used on her boys, I love them!! Thought that was what Iwanted bought a full stash of infant prefolds and old style gdiaper covers (the ones with the fabric waist bands). Then discovered the BG love and wanted to buy a new stash but the wasn't going to happen so I used gdiaper covers and prefolds at the start, old style smalls fit under the stump. In a couple weeks he fit into new style smalls and I used inserts that I made and I have to say I loved them. DS2 made it until 10 weeks without a sposie.
This baby needs nothing but I want a few small bgs (4 otw) and xs bgs (I have 3) just because. (oh and wool, I must have more wool!)

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