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Re: question about wipes warmer for cloth wipes

Originally Posted by lilangel8185 View Post
The only thing I didn't like with the prince lonheart ones is they heat from the bottom, so the top ones stay pretty cold for a while. I've used a few different kinds, bot my favorite ones are the ones that look more squarish because their heating is from top down .
huh, interesting. I have a prince lionheart one for DS1 (heats from the bottom) and a Babies R Us brand one for DS2 (heats from the top). I prefer the Prince Lionheart one -- I find that with the Babies R Us one that the wipes don't stay warm unless the warmer is full. So, if it's half full or almost empty, the wipes are too far from the warmer on the lid to stay warm, kwim?

I agree with pps that the pad is unnecessary. I use a wipes solution with lavender oil, which is anti-microbial, so that takes care of any stinkies.
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