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Re: October 2012 introductions :)

Name: Jessica

Children: This will be our first

Occupation: Labor & delivery nurse

Favorite color: Probably orange, but that's a tough one

Favorite food: Tacos! I could eat them every day!

Hobbies: I've danced my whole life, and now I mostly do ballet/lyrical dance for worship team at church. I also enjoy being involved in choir and praise team. I love yoga and Pilates, and occasionally running. I like to read, but I don't make time for it as much as I would like

Number of months TTC: It was a happy surprise! We went off pills in December since I didn't like putting hormones in my body and the Femcap with ContraGel Green sounded like a great option for us (we've gotten pretty crunchy these last few years). So I had a period immediately when I went off the pill and just never had another one! Got the bfp January 25! And it's really a great time for us to have a baby, we were ready.

How many babies do you want? Let's see how we do with one first! We want at least two, but not more than 3.

Type of birth planned: Bradley birth at the hospital where I work with my favorite OB :-). She lets the hubby catch the baby, and my husband is all about that!

Anything else you want to share: Although we weren't trying, we were over the moon excited when we found out we were pregnant. However, I had this heavy feeling that something bad was going to happen. So 5 days after we found out we were pregnant, when I started cramping and bleeding at work at 3 am, I really felt like "ok, you knew this would happen." The charge nurse let me go home, and my husband and i cried early in the morning as I cramped and bled for hours. From the pains and amound of bleeding (way heavier than my periods, with tissue) I assumes we had last the baby and my OB said the same when I saw her the next day. I got my hcg drawn, and when it came back at 4,800 the next day she ordered repeat labs and an ultrasound. You can imagine everyone's surprise when the hcg went up to 6,300 in under 36 hours and the ultrasound showed a tiny gestational sac with a yolk sac! My doc and the ultrasound tec agreed that it was most likely twins and we lost once and the pregnancy is still very early. While we grieved the loss of one life, we are elated at the possibility that the Lord will give us this one. We are praying constantly that this baby continues to develop without complications, and I have a great peace about the pregnancy now. My hcg was almost 10,000 Saturday and I have a repeat ultrasound on Monday. We are hoping and praying to see our little baby then! Sorry for the long message, I have only shared this with a few people, it was good to get it all out.
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