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help me research c/s risks

i know that there is someone on here that knows just where to go for this info...

I am currently 29wks pg. with #3 and want to have a vba2c...i am having a very hard time finding a dr that will take me on (plus i am on Medicaid so that doesn't help with findign dr.s either)

but here is my thinking/resoning with wanting a vba2c...

both of my girls were born at around 38wk5ds due to dr wanting to schedule it...dd1 was a c/s after 12 hr.s of induction (due to high BP) and only at 4 cm...(my family history shows long labors) but dr was ready to go home for the day and a hurricane was getting ready to we did c/s

dd2 was scheduled because dr said that vbacs were not allowed...again baby taken early to work around dr schedule

this baby is a boy and my pedi says to let baby come when baby is ready since my family tends to bake babies other words do not let dr schedule c/s early...

soooo my thinking is...if i am waiting to go into labor when the LORD says its time to have a baby...why not let labor continue ...i mean if something comes up and i need a c/s then yes i want a c/s...but if labor and baby are going great let me have a vba2c...

so far my research has shown that i am still at under a 1% chance of UR...but somethings i have found say that the risk % for elected c/s are higher...i need FACTS!!

soo can someone point me too c/s facts?!?!?! thanks!!
**Please forgive any typos!!**
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