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Re: Share how you got started ECing and EC tips

I learned about Elimination Communication when taking classes to become a Preshool Teacher. We were told to write a review of an article and I found an article about a doctor in Africa. (Of course I can't find it now). He noticed that the women were standing in line for hours holding naked babies. The children never eliminated on their mother and he was curious so he asked a mother. The mother simply replied that she just knew when they had to go and stepped over to a nearby bush to let them.

This really inspired me. I was already into the idea of breast feeding and a more natural approach to parenting when I would become pregnant, this just fit right in.

I learned more about it and when I was pregnant I really got into research. After my daughter was born I tried to EC at 3 weeks and succeeded! I was really excited about catching a pee, it was my first time and my husband witnessed it. He was a little hesitant thinking it might not work. So I was double excited.

I just held her over a bowl and said "psst" for a cue to pee. It was when I was changing her diaper.

Then at 8 weeks we had to drive for over 2 hours in the car. She had us stop TWICE to pee! It was a little inconvenient, but loved it for bragging rights to our family.

Now she's 13 months old and rarely poops in her diaper, tells us with sign language when she needs to go and will use the toilet regularly. We are still a ways from not using diapers, but this really has helped.

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