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Best trim, stay-dry option for a skinny 10-pounder?

Hey CD'ers

I've been CDing for years but now with baby #3 have been getting lazy...using disposables a little too often...

My daughter, now 2 months, is just 10 pounds and definitely not chubby. My stash mainly consists of prefolds and one-size pockets. The prefolds fit fine (just switched from orange to yellow edge) but she fusses as soon as they are wet. Not a problem if we are at home, but not so great for outings or overnight. The pockets (mostly Bum Genius) are huge on her, even on the smallest setting. Lots of potential for blowouts

So, I'm looking for alternatives...I'd love to find a trim, streamlined solution (AIO/pocket/AI2) that includes a layer of fleece to keep her feeling dry. I do have some fleece-lined doublers that I can put on top of the prefolds for nighttime, but they add a lot of bulk and when we're on the go I'd rather not have to bring all those separate bits (prefold, doubler, cover, snappi...)

Any suggestions?
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