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Re: Don't know why I did this...

Or if you really want technical:

"...most tests with multiple manufacturers test kits will present a hook effect problem at hCG levels >200000 mIU/mL in urine. This he has seen many times in his practice of research and has two simple answers. One, most devices have one antibody to site β1 and another to β-CTP or to the ?-subunit. The principal hCG-related ingredient in urine is “β-subunit core fragment”, a small break down product of hCG. This can account for up to 99% of the immunoreactivity. β-core fragment can saturate the β-site, but not the second site. This will block any hCG from forming a sandwich between the β1 site and the other site, and lead to a negative result known as “hook effect” or “prozone phenomenon”. Two, the manufacturers urine pregnancy test kit has an upper limit of 600000 which is based upon a standard that is predominantly β-core fragment. 10
Hook effect in itself is an infrequent event leading to false negative results and can be overcome by dilution of urine sample."

Lol. Most of this is mumbo jumbo to me...
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