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Re: Our First Diaper Chat!!!!!

Alice, I COULD dry my dipes if I wanted to, but I NEVER have b/c I just don't trust that high heat. I just think it would destroy the dipes or at lease make their life shorter. So I strictly hang dry and actually love it. If I lived there, I'd teach myself how to sew. I do know how to sew and was thinking I may buy ONE NB diaper and kinda use it as a reference point to try to make my pattern off of it, if that makes sense. I bought a couple of pro wraps just b/c I had credit to burn at my consignment shop (they're new though). Someone was saying you can just put the babe in a diaper with no closures on it if you're going to put a pro wrap on top. Is that true? B/c not having to add snaps, velcro, or worry about sticking to snappiable outter fabric will make sewing nb dipes easier.
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