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Re: WAP, Nourishing Traditions, GAPS Support thread, February 2012

Originally Posted by Green Decals View Post
I just did this, as in just today. I set my milk out on Friday (raw, slightly soured milk) so it took 4 days. Finally this morning when we woke up it had separated. Now I have a quart of whey and some delicious strawberry cream cheese (curds, strawberries, maple syrup) and I finally started fermenting my salsa (tomatoes, garlic, onions, cilantro, salt, whey).

Last night I saw some little white pearles in the milk, but didn't think it was quite done yet. This morning it was. We left it covered.
Okay, well I must have done something wrong, because I strained mine yesterday and it smells TERRIBLE. I've never done it before but I just can't imagine it can be right. There's no way I can use it. I almost threw up when I was pouring it. My raw milk was fresh, not sour at all, but I guess I must have waited too long and let it sour too much? Because it smelled SO rancid. I am almost sick in my stomach at the thought of almost a half-gallon of wasted raw milk (and money!)! And I had planned to make ketchup and salsa today (my kids have been begging for ketchup to eat with their scrambled eggs all week!). I guess I need to get myself to the store and pick up some yogurt and just get the whey that way...
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