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Re: I'm a thread killer!

Originally Posted by mom1mg View Post
No I don't. I am super sensitive to caffeine. I will drink a pop sometimes but I throw up when I drink coffee. Seriously! The last two times I've tried it to be polite I ended up getting sick. I drink de-caf tea too. Caffeine keeps me awake for HOURS. I have a LOT of allergies now too all to medication - the only allergy that I have that isn't a medicine is to alcohol! - I think my extreme caffeine reaction, asthma, and allergies all fit together as my bodies way of rejecting foreign things. I didn't have ANY of this until I was married, I add about one or two new reactions per year.
I wonder if it is the acid content that does it. Can you eat other acidic things, like lemon, onions and what not?
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