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Re: Our First Diaper Chat!!!!!

I def. think I'll go with prefolds but I want some fitteds or I think I won't even give wool a try. I guess I probably try that pattern. It seems simple enough. And all the fitteds I find seem to have bamboo in them which I know takes forever to dry so thats just not happening. I might buy some converted prefolds just in case I suck at sewing though. Gaaah. I really don't want to have to make any decisions right now. It's too early. It's not fair you guys have 9 billions options and 9 months to decide and I have like none. Stupid 3rd world (the city isn't but the rest of the country is). Between shipping and import taxes, if I buy from the US, it will double the cost of everything. So I guess it's now or when my mom comes for thanksgiving but I don't want to have to use disposables for the first couple months.
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