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Best WAHM diapers for my little man?

I have a 3 week old baby boy He's been rocking some lil Joey's and fuzzibunz and fits okay in some BumGenius 3.0's and almost in his Sunbaby size 1...He has little skinny thighs and a big tummy.

All of that being said, do any of you have recommendations on WAHM diapers? I want to invest in another good chunk of stash with my tax money. I love AIO's and Pockets and he is a major heavy wetter. If I put him in flats with a cover he will completely soak the flat when he pees. I'm not really a fan of the fuzzibunz because I hate the aplix and they tend to leak out the leg holes. I replaced the aplix on his BG's and love it though.

any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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