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I also had that problem with microfiber! I had a whole stash of FB, BG, Kawaii, SB, and Thirsties. Then I started having leak problems. After a month of stripping, and I don't use diaper creams without liners or Tide that can cause build up, I was soooo over it!! I had a few bamboo inserts from SB and I realized I never had any issues with those.
My LO is a very heavy wetter at night so I had bamboo fitteds for her which I never had a problem. So now I only own bamboo or cotton!! Now my stash is Bottombumpers, Grovia, grasshoppers, and BSB!!! I love them and never going back!! It does take a while to prep these fibers but well worth it!! And if I get stink, which is rare, issues stripping is super easy!!!
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