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Re: Our First Diaper Chat!!!!!

Amber, we're a one size pocket family too. We went to cloth to save money. We knew we wanted a lot of kids and seeing how much money we spent on Logan and Felicity's sposies just made us sick. I now also love the green factor as well. Honestly, it was switching to cloth that turned us on to all things green. ANYWAYS, yes, the sunbaby's will be fine for a newbie. My sister used them on my nephew even with his cord stump still attached. I wouldn't do that, but its been done. Kian was in newbunz from the moment his cord fell off, which are less bulky than the sunbaby's, in my oppinion. So I know this babe will be in dipes right away. I'm thinking of converting old discarded clothes from our "give to the thrift store" pile into tiny prefoldish type things for the first week (ish). Thinking of a prefold with wings type thing. While baby still has tar poop, I'll just put some fleece liners in there that I can throw out (using scraps from my sewing pile). I have a few pro wraps to use as covers, with the nb notch in them. Does this sound like a good plan?

Alice, those dipes look good. Do they have elastic in the legs? B/c I hear that's a must. Some dipes like that don't. I saw a pattern I'm going to link here for you if I can find it again. It was easy. If I were you, I'd slowly make a nice little collection of homemade dipes. Then, when people come to visit, ask them to bring a few one size pockets. Those might be nice to use out and about, or overnight when you can stuff them extra full. Some are pretty cheap. We LOVE sunbabys. I personally love the sunbaby's b/c they're great for overnight as well as daytime. We have Kawaii dipes, which are our go to nightime diaper, but they're so bulky I never used them in the day. Sunbabys are bulky, but not as bulky as the kawaiis, and I used them all the time, day and night. So the sunbabys might be good for you since you could use them all the time, and the one size will grow with babe so you don't have to smuggle in loads of dipes.
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