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Re: Our First Diaper Chat!!!!!

Originally Posted by zacifer View Post
We LOVE sunbabys. I personally love the sunbaby's b/c they're great for overnight as well as daytime. We have Kawaii dipes, which are our go to nightime diaper, but they're so bulky I never used them in the day. Sunbabys are bulky, but not as bulky as the kawaiis, and I used them all the time, day and night. So the sunbabys might be good for you since you could use them all the time, and the one size will grow with babe so you don't have to smuggle in loads of dipes.
I feel the same about Sunbaby and Kawaii. I really like our Sunbabies, I did have some leaking issues with earlier, but once I swapped out the inserts they came with for different ones I've no leaks at all. But I do find the Kawaiis to be not just bulky but just big overall too, so our regular ones are used for naps and we have the overnight ones for, well overnights lol. I also use RumpaRooz for naps and overnights, and we use Fuzzibunz and Sunbabies during the day. Its a system that works for us. It would be nice if DS2 would be PT'd by the time new baby comes so we could just reuse his stash, but seeing as how his big brother is almost 3 and still not using the potty, I don't have very high hopes that DS2 will have it down by his 2nd bday.
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