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Re: $250.00 Chelory on Spots?!!?!!!

Originally Posted by Serenajean1 View Post
I see these posts a lot and I used to have the same thoughts. But then I thought, the cding world is pretty small, how would you feel if you were that mama and people were making fun of you and talking about how you spend your money.

I spend money on things you guys would balk at and I am sure you have hobbies and expenses I would never understand, because we are all different.

If someone collects diapers, let them, it is fun for some people. Not everyone cloth diapers to save money. I know I do haha.

I know a friend of mine is active on a sbish bst page and the people did the same thing and the girl read it and it really hurt her feelings. No one should have hurt feelings

Ok, I realize in this case it was charity, but many times it is not and in those cases who are we to judge, kwim.
Good for you mama for speaking out. Well said too. Kind and gentle but true...
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