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Smile Re: Anyone have a child with food allergies?

My two year old is lactose intolarant, and when she was a baby she couldn'tave anything made with milk, none of the Gerber baby food dessert, goldfish crackers she got older cheese and things made with milk didn't bother her, I guess this is because the enzymes in cheese are more broken down. While I breastfed the milk I drank didn't bother her, but when we switched to formula we used Enfamil Lactose Free, or the Parent's Choice Lactose Free (which is exactly the same we read all the ingredients, it's at Walmart for half the price) Similac Lactose free is also good (we used that with our second daughter) although it has more table sugar added for taste. If your son is allergic to all these things he may need Similac Alimentum it's a Hypoallergenic formula. Anyway, I'm going on and on about formula and don't even know if he's on it. My daughter at the age of one went to Lactaid brand whole milk and has done well on that. We are currently in the process of switching her to regular milk and we are using Horizon Organic milk, she is doing much better on this that the non organic. I've also heard children who are Lactose intolerant do well and can tolerate raw milk, though I don't know much about it. Hope this helps!
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