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Re: Help! Completely changing plans for birth?

If you are nervous about a home birth, then by all means, use the birth center instead - especially if there are positive reviews of the place! As for the time in the car.... I can't imagine even a minute in the car being pleasant while laboring. But if the birth center is an extra 15 mins further than the hospital, that seems like a no-contest to me. Chances are the birth center will allow you more mobility/freedom to move around while laboring and not hook you up to five kajillion machines, forcing you to remain bed-ridden and/or on your back. Most birth centers usually also have a birthing pool, and you can use that hot water as a natural pain reliever. So, you may be uncomfortable in a car for 15 more mins, but IMO, the possibility of being more comfortable for the rest of your labor and delivery would outweigh those 15 mins, kwim???

Good luck!
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