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Re: To Homeschool or not Homeschool with Asperger Syndrome

My almost 13 yr old son has aspergers.... he used to be in public school....long story short- well he hated it and constantly got picked on and bullied because he is socially akward. The public schools did the very minimum to try to help him. We worked with them for a while before making the decision to homeschool all our children. That was one of the big reasons we chose to homeschool- but not the only one. My son used to chew his fingers up until they were a bloody mess while in public school from all the stress he was under in elementary school. Since homeschooling him for the past 4 years he has completely changed and blossomed into a well adjusted teenager. He is much much better socially too since he can now practice at home with his family without pressure and ridicule of others and he gets plenty of socialization opportunities thru our homeschool activites and group. He no longer chews his fingers up- that totally stopped! He is happy and creative and is just doing wonderful-I would NEVER NEVER NEVER put him back into public school. He loves homeschooling so much! All our kids do!

It was more difficult to homeschool him- he needs reminders to stay on task alot, tends to focus heavily into one subject to the neglect of we do adapt our homeschooling to fit HIS needs and keep him learning. He is very advanced in alot of we add in where he needs and such. School and learning is fun for him now and he is excited to start planning for his adult future once he graduates. I feel homeschooling will give him the edge to be successful in this complicated world of an aspergers child.

Hope this helps. :-)
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