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Originally Posted by FluffyBum

Have you always used this routine? If not then she might have an allergy or sensitivity to one of those.
Have you stripped your diapers? Might be build up? When I was trying to figure out what is was I used borax and then stripped. It was a pain but no more rash after a good stripping.
I know the rash is only in one area but if she's walking or crawling (like my daughter was) its rubbing against that area with all that build up causing a sensitivity.
I would suggest bac-out but some babes have a sensitivity to that. I use it every so often to get a good deep clean. It's a great enzyme that breaks down waste.
I just realized that it happens with new covers too so it's not the bacteria/buildup issue. Though I've been using bleach for maybe a month now and I started cd'ing about 5 months ago. It prob is a sensitivity, I just haven't narrowed it down to what exactly bc it happens at random times with random diapers. She's got very sensitive skin everywhere though.
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