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Re: Avoided a c-section, but with mixed feelings

I lived this SAME thing.....every detail....its kind of crazy how identical our stories are. I also saw the midwives but when things go to a certain stage of "bad" they are required to call in the OB. I HATE their overseeing OB. Just like you. He wanted to cut me open but I could feel my daughter "right there." His response, "well, if you must push, I'm going to put the vacuum on her." I just told him to get my midwife. I knew she believed in me, which she did. And she said, "push as hard as you can." I did, same as you, with and without contractions and Felicity was in my arms 10 mins later. The OB was setting up his stupid vacuum and when I saw that I bore down through the pain and just kept going till her head was out. It was out before he had put his vacuum together. Anyways, here's my take on it. IF they had decided to take your son C section, it would have taken them at LEAST 10 min to prep you. So, you probably got him out quicker than if you'd let them do a C. I know that's a fact with my daughter. B/c he was telling me C section and 10 min later she was in my arms. I'm sure they couldn't have wheeled me to the OR, prepped me, drugged me, etc in that time. So Mama, pat yourself on the back. Your discernment probably got him out faster and with less trama to you both. You did amazing. Don't ever think you put him in harms way. He needed to get out, and you got him out faster than they would. You rock!
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