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Re: WAP, Nourishing Traditions, GAPS Support thread, February 2012

Originally Posted by Shalom View Post
green decals- Are you supposed to cover it with a towel, or cover it air-tight? And you just sit it out for a few days and it works? It seems too easy to be true :-)

catilina- so sorry it didn't turn out :-( This makes me really leary to try it since raw milk, here, is so expensive.
Yes, let it sit out on its side so that it is exposed to as much air in the jug as possible. Don't use a whole gallon or you will have way too much whey. I did just under half a gallon, and I have a quart of whey. Keep the cap on the milk bottle, and make sure it is in a warm (but not too warm!) place.

Catalina - it smells soured, but the cream cheese tastes great (real, with cheesy milk flavor, not the bland, flavorless crap you buy in the store) and the whey has almost a banana smell to it after sitting in the fridge for a day or so. I made fermented salsa with it, and did the kids porridge with it (soaked the oats overnight in whey and warm water) and it is delicious. Part of eating real foods is the super pungent flavors that come with them... Store bought crap is flavorless!

Here is a good video on how to make cream cheese/curds and whey.
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