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Re: Avoided a c-section, but with mixed feelings

Like the other mamas said, let the guilt go! You did great, and what matters is he and you are both here, now, healthy and in love with each other. I've had three c-sections. The first was after a 68-hour induction that ended with 4 hours of pushing and a stuck forehead (he really did get wedged, and I wasn't retaining consciousness). I knew I had reached my energy max and opted for the c-section before one of us crashed and the decision was made for me. Control freak much? Yes, but no regrets. My second was unnecessary but a result of miscommunication on all fronts (new doctor, new hospital, OB didn't fully understand why I had my first and I didn't pursue the matter fully). Third was a result of a hospital ban on v-bacs after two CS's. And in this case, it was a good thing. I was allowed to wait until after 40 weeks (my babies all come late) and I actually went into the first stages of natural labor before the section. When they hooked me up, they noticed her vitals were dropping with every ctx even before I was feeling them! When they pulled her out an hour later, the cord was double-wrapped tightly around her neck. I was frustrated going into the c-section over the hospital ban, but in hindsight I am grateful considering the unforeseen circumstances. I refuse to feel guilty for not birthing naturally, but I still feel natural birth is the best option unless mom and baby are in imminent danger.

My point is simply this: guilt is nothing but destructive. Take what you've learned, celebrate your wee one, and move forward. You bore your baby. He is here now. You beat the odds and perhaps because of you that OB will think twice in the future!

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