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Re: $250.00 Chelory on Spots?!!?!!!

Originally Posted by umajo View Post
Makes me think I should have auctioned off my lone ragababe and chelory instead of selling them for a normal used diaper price... I probably would have felt guilty though.
This is me too but, since I bought them from a friend and didnt have to spend half of my life stalking them I sold them for what I paid, that being said if I could have charged an arm and a leg for them and someone would have paid me I wouldnt have felt guilty
People can spend their money how they want and that is their right and hopefully they dont care what others think but, IMO that is a crazy amount to spend on a diaper (for charity makes it a little better). I dont need to agree but, I can have an opinion and am sure others wouldnt agree w/ everything I spend money on either. Really though if the case is about the all mighty dollar spent on CDs then we should all be using flats as they are the cheapest (my fav diaper BTW) to be pooped in. Since this is an opinion thread though yes IMO it is nuts to spend that on a diaper (I think BGE are better than both of the Rags and Chelory I have tried)
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