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Originally Posted by Deanie

I'm catholic and I don't really know why surrogacy wouldn't be allowed. But then, I don't know enough about how it is done. My GUESS is that there end up being fertilized eggs (ie, little human beings in the eyes of catholics) that don't get a "home" and are then not given a chance. I don't see why there would be an issue in the surrogacy itself. But I'm not the expert theologian. I think the surrogacy aspect is awesome.
I dont want to get into a theological debate but I believe that catholic church id against any intervention in terms of fertility. They consider it immoral and outside the sanctity of marriage. I guess its right up their with infidelity. My mom's friend's daughter married a strictly catholic man and when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, her husband wouldnt permit her to have her eggs frozen although they desperately wanted children. I think it would serve you to investigate a bit more the issue.
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