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Re: 5w, 6d ultrasound today!

Originally Posted by abhernandez View Post
Haha. No. I didnt mean it to sound hostile. I just found it surprising / interesting. I think my intrigue comes from living in a catholic country and not being catholic. So many laws are based on catholic doctrine here due to the historical mixing of church and state and i like to know the background. That being said, there is now a super progressive government so theres a odd mix of laws and policies that are often contradictory.
Yes, that must be intriguing. Mixing politics and religions is scary and Caroline, I agree w/ you about the other end of the spectrum. You can say you're catholic and it can mean so many different things. Unfortunately, it depends on who you talk to and there are a lot of catholics who don't know their own religion well. AFM, despite my admitted ignorance of the whole surrogacy thing, I actually do understand my religion well. So, back to reading about St. Augustine and digging into the Old Testament (which by the way, were the other things I'm looking into that I was referring to.) My mom was a convert, so I know more than my cradle catholic friends and it's kind of sad. But now I'm on this kick of re-learning everything I ever learned. It feels as though I have forgotten everything I ever learned. *Sigh* Oh well, at least I'm pregnant!!!!!!
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